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Didgeridog is San Francisco's premier small-dog-only
dog boarding resource...
a safe, wonderful, friendly home-away-from-home
where little dogs have BIG FUN!
Didgeridoggies share a spacious home and delightful large yard
detailed for maximum doggie comfort and fun!
While people work or play,
Didgeridoggies enjoy loving care
with FABulous human companions and
a select crew of other small dogs (under 30 pounds)
Didgeridoggies can be laid back or rambunctious ~ bouncey or quiet ~
shy or social ~ easy-to-please or picky!
Didgeridoggies relax or frolic in the eco-friendly yard ~
~ bask on the deck ~ fetch a ball ~ play with toys ~ make good friends ~
~ curl in a lap ~ hang out where it's warm and good ~
with consistent, gentle human companionship